Man, I really love kuduro.  I first heard non-Angolan stuff (BSS + Shabba Tigre), but right away i was mad feelin it and started digging around.  Recently I came across a rapper called Game Walla, and I’ve been vibin out for the past couple of days. It’s a bit older, but its new to me.

I sort of lost the full on enthusiasm after a while, because it always felt like I would get an album and half the songs would be over driven, while the other half were barely audible; like they were rushing them through the mixing process to get volumes of material to hipsters like me.

Another part of this, though, might just be the inconsistencies of people with poor technology and no formal sound engineer training, and/or the fact that music of this specific a genre will probably end up being a complete hit or a complete miss.  I mean, realistically, the nuances on which I are differentiating one track from another are pretty subtle in kuduro.  Mostly, it’s just people shouting in a language I don’t understand, over top of a sped up, over driven dem bow.  If the mix of kick to tom is just a couple hz too close, or a few dB off, it makes a huge difference to the “essence” of the track.

But despite all this, I love it, and I’m always checking out new stuff from as many weird sources as i can find.

So today I am posting because i wanted to give a great example of the minor details that really make this music for me.  This dude Game Walla’s intonation is great.  I’m not dissing on guys like Puto Prata, or anything, it’s just that with so many kuduro vocals being so percussive and mechanical, I was blown away the first time I heard “Toyo” by GW.   It just sounded so fresh, and the way he bounced between the dynamic ends of his rap created an almost swirling effect, and I was hypnotized.  Definitely good dance music!

Also, despite the fact that i mentioned a different song earlier, here’s a video clip for Game Walla.  (this one is an amazing track as well, Toyo just didn’t have a clip)


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hahaha. I'm just a funny guy who sits at home on my computer a lot, and dj's a bit, and makes music sometimes, and tries to teach himself how to use complicated software of all types. I'm a hippy from an island of 800, who grew up without a radio or flush toilet, but who has somehow managed to make his way around the world, and learn the difference between chinos and khakis...
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