While it might still be relevant…

So, i decided, since tomorrow is that halfway point of january, today may be the last day I have to make any kind of “2010” list.

I can’t say I’m going to make a “top” or “best of” kind of list, because there’s way to much stuff I’ve gotten into over the past year, plus a year ago was a long time, and I can’t even remember what I was listening to back then. (sort of) Some of these might even be from 2009.

What I’ve decided to do, instead, is make a list of 20 of my favorite music video clips in no particular order, that I think were from last year.  The basic criteria is: 1. videos i like, 2. videos I watched several times or shared already, 3. videos for songs that were circulating last year.

so, here is my list:

1. I like this one for 2 reasons.  1, I’m pretty obsessed with East Asian period pieces, and 2, this was my absolute standout on the Bath’s album.

2. This clip I like because it’s got a really cool mix of quasi-spiritual and quasi-tribal elements.  I think Spoek really has a good track on embracing tribal and traditional mythologies and motifs, while having his aim never waver from forward thinking.

3. I like this clip because it seems like it could have come from any time or place.  The song is pretty raw, and just groovy, and the video has a cool retro vibe that wouldn’t be out of place in the 80s or 90s.

4. This one, well…its just great. fun song, cool outfits, rad dance moves.  Its straight to the point.

5. This is more past meets future.  As someone who grew up on SNES, i think this videos like this also have more nostalgic value than most of those chillwave videos made from old footage.

6. This video seems like they crammed every possible idea into one clip. The frikstailers are so weird and awesome.  The color scheme alone is enough to make it awesome, let alone the end where the bald short guy with the chains takes his shirt off.


7. This one is psychadelic.  It makes me feel stoned just watching it. Its fine thats its only a minute and a half because every second is involving.  I had a trip the first time I watched it.  Like DMT, but without the DMT.

8. This isn’t exactly a music video, but it’s so cool.  Its really well shot, and the art and music are both beatiful.

9. I like this video because the chill factor of the clip over the sort of higher energy song makes for an interesting contradiction, and when you see the looks on the girls face in the dancefloor  its really creates a rich emotional texture for me.

10. I think this clip and song go, like, reeaallly well together.  There’s something real off kilter about this guy, despite how hip he is.  Like, outerspace, but subtle outerspace. And again, the color scheme is pretty cool.

11. This one’s just good chill vibes.  The degradation of the lense, and the lighting and stuff  bring out a really nice warmth in the sound of the music.  Plus there is, like, over ten second of complete silence, which is so intense these days.

12. This ones hilarious.  I think it might be why youtube was recommending such gay stuff to me for a while.  Its like LCD’s drunk girls was made to a song by a younger band, who were very comfortable with their sexuality.

13. This one is made by the same team as the Los Punsetes video.  I think they must pretty much be the most have funningest team of 2010, because thats one this video is.  A bunch of straight up good times, put to a really fun song.

14. I didn’t realize I liked chillwaves so much.  This video is cool, and this song is cool, because its just like, 1 step ahead.  Toro seems like he’s into what other people are into, but not a mimic. There are so many people trying to get on board with the Causers aesthetic, and instead he puts out a song made with no samples, and video made with no “found” footage. Plus, all the satanic stuff is pretty bad ass, but in this clip, its still so “chill” and “bro”.

15. This one just makes me like Lido.  Its so sincere.

16. This one is good, because i really do feel like this is a wicked dance song, and they could have easily not embraced that.

17. Again with the past and future colliding.  All the neon and lazer-goth stuff is like a 1982 version of the future being actualized.  It reminds me on a japanamation version of the opening scene in The Hunger.

I love karaoke.


18. I grew up in the woods.  This is awesome.  Its like me.  At home in the woods.  With my shorts and singlet, being so cool.

19. I was mesmerized by this, the first time i saw it.  That glowing hand print is awesome. Its got a dark vibe, but its way warmer than lots of the semi-industrial witch house stuff.

20.  This video is really cool because they made it while this band was, like, seriously on their way up, and Diplo is starting to really crossover, producing for snoop and stuff, and then they collaborate with some, like, unknown weirdo, and put together this nightmare freakshow of phallic  imagery, throw in some rats and monsters and creepy contact lenses, and make something that can’t be played on, like, any tv station.  Its kind of like /\/\/\Y/\.


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