why internet price increase has me fumin’ mad!

This morning Openmedia was telling me a particular video had to “go viral”.
The clip was a ranting loudmouth (reminded me of a northern Glenn Beck) using distasteful, homophobic similes to explain why he, as a typical consumer and internet using individual, shouldn’t have to pay more for internet.

Over on the Openmedia page, I saw a quote similar to “I don’t know why you guys are so stressed about this; I get my internet through this small company_______…unlimited for $30 a month”

Both of these comments seem to be missing my main concerns around these potential price increases.

What I worry about is that increases like this will essentially be attacking small business, and could greatly damage the flow of information via the internet.  Any small provider, will no longer be able to give “unlimited” service.  In fact, most probably won’t be able to stay afloat.

I think it’s very important to understand that for people working from home in web based jobs, the business model they follow is going to have to be completely redesigned. Again, a serious threat to entrepreneurs, and innovation in Canada.
For people who can afford to dedicate large amounts of time, but not large amounts of money, their ability to express themselves is going to be greatly reduced.  This will contribute to a lower number of opinions, and thus, less information on the internet.  It would be a breakdown of democracy on the internet.

For smaller companies, or non-government organizations who are getting on board with web promotions or online/social media, new obstacles will definitely arise, reducing their capacity to function with limited resources.

My problem with the whole “I, as a consumer, shouldn’t have to pay more for this now important service” argument, is that it isn’t average internet users who are going to be as deeply affected.  Right now I have an upper limit of 30g a month for my girlfriend and I.  She is a masters student studying online, I am an avid computer musician who is often uploading and downloading files.  We don’t go over our limit, but most people don’t, and likely most people wouldn‘t in this new situation.

This turns into a problem when, after the bill passes, people realize their internet bill hasn’t really increased, and they become apathetic towards the cause of fighting this needless price increase; meanwhile, the slow sinking of small internet based companies will become a background struggle, and ultimately turn into another tragic side effect of our government’s obsession with satisfying unnecessary corporate expansion.


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hahaha. I'm just a funny guy who sits at home on my computer a lot, and dj's a bit, and makes music sometimes, and tries to teach himself how to use complicated software of all types. I'm a hippy from an island of 800, who grew up without a radio or flush toilet, but who has somehow managed to make his way around the world, and learn the difference between chinos and khakis...
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One Response to why internet price increase has me fumin’ mad!

  1. steveboi says:

    I too have been reading a bit here and there about this issue, trying to make sense of it. It strikes me as an unecessary cash grab. you’re point is well made that this will hurt the little guys most, I hope someone will speak up for them.

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