listening party show @ lucky last night

I went to luckybar last night to see 3 bands.  it was a pretty good show, although the soundsystem in there seems like it has an extra set of subs, and nothing pumping out anything between 100 and 1000 hz…I wonder what the soundguy there did to get hired.  I wonder if I could get a job like that…

Also, as it goes at lucky, I felt about 1000 years old in that place.

The first band was Riddley Walker…they were pretty good.  It was a dude on part of a drumkit (one tom) and a dude on an acoustic guitar.  Seeing this, i wasn’t expecting nearly as full a sound.  Meriel even said they were her favorite part of the show.

I thought they needed a little work.  they sounded, to me, a LOT like dinosaur jr, who i totally like(d), but i think they could have done a song or two that was a bit more twangy or spastic, a la sebadoh/sonic youth.  In the few parts where they really got going, the singer held back from outright screaming, and that reservation I think limited their pallet.

Nonetheless, it was two young guys with not much stuff and they really filled the place with sound. they were tight; it was cool.

the next band i was a bit more on the fence about.  Partly, i think, because the sound wasn’t very good and for a lot of their set, you couldn’t tell what was going on at all, but also partly because of the bass player.  I didn’t like him.

They were, like, a sludgey stoner rock/psych kind of band.  a bit freak out, a lot jam. Not really metally, but you could tell they like the idea.  The thing is, they all liked to face each other, so the centerpiece of their set was this bass player in the front on the stage with his back to the crowd.  And the drummer was in the back, with the guitarist and singer facing him as well.  It really didn’t make for a very inclusive experience.

Paired with the fact that the room drank the snare and ate up the bass, it kind of made for an alienating “we’re playing for ourselves, not for you” experience, which I thought was a bit lame.

Also, people, you could tell people wanted to mosh, but there was all these dipshits just sort of standing there with pint glasses, unaware they were making it difficult and kinda bumming me out.  But i guess also, we were being cowardly but not just starting to really push each other around.

You could tell this going into the next/third/main act.  In the start of Listening Party’s set, when the dancefloor actually readied itself for people to dance, people were doing this sort of forced semi-mosh just to get it out of their systems.

Anyways, Listening Party was why I went out.  Last summer at this artcrawl, I caught the last 2 songs of their set, and they were really cool.  They had this sort of post animal collective tropical vibe that was really sunny and fun; plus people were dancing, which blew me away because people hardly ever dance to indie bands, let alone victoria people…and I love dancing (!!!), so I was pumped to go see them again/check out a full set.

A bti to my dismay, getting to see them for a full set wasn’t quite everything I hoped, because, while their rhythmic ideas are all super cool and their setup is simple and great, most of their songs don’t quite seem finished.  It’s like (victoria thing) seeing someone who looks like they are dressed super cool, and probably are a really interesting hip person, then getting closer and realizing they are wearing mad ugly boots.  You are like, “come on, you are so close…just one more thing”.

For Listening Party’s set, it seemed like every song started out with a really inspired idea, but then before it had time to become an amazing song, it faded it to a sort of repetitious series of “ooh’s” and “aah’s”, then ended.  by the 6th or seventh one, i just wanted something with a little more to it; maybe something to engage my mind just a bit more.

I think they are so promising, and in their tropical sensibilities and poly-rhythmic structures they are definitely one of the best vic bands I’ve seen, but i just think they need to take a few ideas back to the drawing board, not to change, but to add.  Maybe they could start blending between ideas, taking 2 or 3 songs and turning them into 1.  basically, hey have a bunch of really really cool loops, they just need to learn how to mix them.

All in all, though, good show.  lots of promising young talent. I had fun.  $13 I’m glad I spent.



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