sometimes i think blogs/label websites/etc.. all just post the same thing, and this morning i did a big cleanse, deleting about 40 sights from my bookmarks that were all just posting the same soundcloud remix.  Also doing this though, i visited a couple sights that i dont go to very often, and on the masala blog, I found out i was kinda wrong about blogs posting the same stuff, because lido put out a new video a month ago, and I didn’t know until today! I hadn’t seen it anywhere else.  (i guess I gotta find some new sights?)

also, just to link a few sights i did keep, I’ll still always check out ghetto bassquake, fonogramaticos, and palms out.


About jefrab

hahaha. I'm just a funny guy who sits at home on my computer a lot, and dj's a bit, and makes music sometimes, and tries to teach himself how to use complicated software of all types. I'm a hippy from an island of 800, who grew up without a radio or flush toilet, but who has somehow managed to make his way around the world, and learn the difference between chinos and khakis...
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One Response to LIDOOOO!!!

  1. jefrab says:

    ALSO…I am working on 3 lido remixes. Trying to, anyways…

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