Balkan music i bought

So, I set up a beatport account to buy that new Los Chicos Altos EP I read about, and wound up getting the ‘Global Bass‘ albums from urbanworld, too.  (while checking out the soundcloud, I also saw a free album )  In the global bass vol 1, there’s a track from Shakalakazoo called “Balkan Train”, which is mad weird, and I am gonna play it out.

After this, I bought the “Fake No More” remixes from La Cherga, because I wanted more Shazalakazoo and because I’m trying to get more Balkan music to diversify my sets…I had that “Lajka – Peter Pozorek Rmx” before, and I even played it at Carrington 2010, but I didn’t know I would like the whole EP…I think Last year I mixed out of Lajka into Alerta…odd mix maybe, but I don’t think I care.  (side-note, I sure wish Isa GT would do more music…I can’t wait for Pico De Gallos)

Also, after seeing them at big time out, and being totally blown away, I got a bunch of Beats Antique.  I got the Haiti one, because it was for a good cause, and I bought the Contraption EP Because the first track is so brooding and heavy.  Also, while there, I downloaded the free one, so now you will hear me bumping all kind of Balkan beats all the time….


About jefrab

hahaha. I'm just a funny guy who sits at home on my computer a lot, and dj's a bit, and makes music sometimes, and tries to teach himself how to use complicated software of all types. I'm a hippy from an island of 800, who grew up without a radio or flush toilet, but who has somehow managed to make his way around the world, and learn the difference between chinos and khakis...
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