GALAMBO AND MORE (hot day on soundcloud!)

today I bought a pretty sweet album…It’s some more Chilean music.

I read about it the other day at scattermusic, who linked to a great interview and had a promo clip that was basically an exact summary of my interests these days.  It’s a mash-up of styles, but it’s got a really good blend of organic and programmed sounds…That mix where you aren’t sure which category half of the elements fall into; it’s pretty mystical.

So, here is a promo mix from the album, there’s no stream on soundcloud…

A search lead me to a couple other articles, and one said that he made this album partly with The Peronists, who I have a super sweet jam by from a bit back, and run a pretty cool new net label, with a couple of good releases…

Anyway, the EP by Galambo is the first release on a net label called LaSorra!, and it has me really excited to see what else comes out on this label.  Bryan Phillips, the brain behind the project, studied and was inspired by all the ritualistic and tribal music of indigenous Chilean people, and it’s probably incredibly similar to what I might hope to do in Bolivia next year…(which reminds me, I should make a blog post about my change of plans…)

In other news, soundcloud really set me up today, with an AWESOME new track from my fave chiptune guy Meneo,  a new remix by Crystal Fighters, and a capital ‘S’ Slammin new jam from AJ Holmes & the Hackney Empire, so here are the links to those:


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