I feel like my last two posts might not be painting the best or most complete picture of where I’m at…

I like all that new boogie funk stuff, and I been playing lots of house and disco when i mix, but I also have been in other weird places in my mind, and in the world, and in time.

I’m a party!

ALORS, here’s a couple of songs i’ve been into on a more other tip…

This first one has been really my favorite over the past 6 months….It’s from a mix that my brother got off of Ghost Capital, but when he gave it to me, he also included a bunch of the Aquarium Drunkard collab mixes, and all the Holy Warbles mixes (there was, like, 9 of those or something), so it took me a while to really take the time to LISTEN to this song.  But when I did, it really blew me away.

This is a seriously heavy cut.

I checked, and the 7″ is, like, $85 plus shipping on discogs, so I’ll probably never own that; however, it was featured on a really nice compilation called istanbul 70, which really sparked my interest in that area/that time.  It had a bunch of psych-funk versions of what, I guess, are pretty traditional Turkish songs.

Listening to that album got me really excited about Turkish music, so I started checking out other comps, and other versions of songs, (some bad ones, too), and that’s when I came across this next video clip, which is another version of the above posted song.

I personally like the Akkor version better, cause it’s less traditional, but this one is really cool too.   I’ll play either one out, depending on the time.

Another vein of music I got back into this summer was post-punk/new wave.  I was starting to look for more weird but upbeat late 70s/early 80s dance numbers that were catchy, but more a bit more obscure, because there’s only so many times you can play talking heads or the clash.

Anyway, this girl I was dating showed me a song on youtube that really blew me away…She has just sort of stumbled across it following the rabbit hole, and when she shared it with me, I was, like, “GOTTA FIND A DOWNLOAD! GOTTA PLAY IT IN MY SET!”

I search around for a while, and discovered this one compilation series that featured it, but I also ended up finding it on a pretty cool blog.  I’m pretty sure it was the only song the band had ever recorded, which is really too bad, because it’s so good.

HOWMEVER, that blog showed me tons of cool stuff.  Like the band in following video.  I’m not gonna say much about the artist, because I’m sure somebody else could say it better, but this video is CRAZY!!!! So New York; So ’79…I love it.

I also got really into some french synthwave stuff this summer. It started, i think, when I heard a song, found a comp it was featured on, same old story…

I was obsessing that I couldn’t find anything as straightforward but still way out there. So I was digging through all kinds of strangequestionable, intense music, when I came across these guys.

X-Ray Pop are so cool. Their songs all have this kind of calm, pleasant quality about them, but they’re also really bizarre. I’ve seen people not really enjoying this song when I played it, but i think it’s just so pretty.

ok that’s all for now.


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hahaha. I'm just a funny guy who sits at home on my computer a lot, and dj's a bit, and makes music sometimes, and tries to teach himself how to use complicated software of all types. I'm a hippy from an island of 800, who grew up without a radio or flush toilet, but who has somehow managed to make his way around the world, and learn the difference between chinos and khakis...
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