So, lately I’ve been pretty into a sort of “chill boogie” halfway bands, halfway electronic sound.  And I think one of the best dudes out there doing this is Robin Hannibal.

I’m gonna just share a bunch of different things he’s done real quick, as well as a couple tracks I like to mix with his.

I think the first time I heard anything he did, I was sorta unaware that it was him, or that later I would get really into his music.  It was around the time I was into Trolle-Seibenhaar, and I think it was recommended  to me by some website to check out Quadron.  I wasn’t too into them, I can’t really remember why, so I didn’t pay too much attention at the time.

A couple of years later though, I heard one of his older projects.  I’m gonna post the song I play most by them, even though it doesn’t have a video…I don’t know why there aren’t more videos for Owusu & Hannibal.  “Living with..” is such a good album, in so many ways.  It touches on so many genres, and fits so many different times and moods, but I guess 2006 is a bit before every song in the universe had a video.

Anyway, this was the song that I heard a while back, that really got me looking into the guy.  It’s a good jam. It came out on Ubiquity, which I’m on the mailing list for (obviously) because of PPP, but it’s got way less hip-hop influence than a lot of the other artists on that label, even though RH has done some pretty bigtime hip-hop production…

After this, the next project of his I got into was Parallel Dance Ensemble.  The song I really like to play by them is “Conditions” (I mix it with Blindfolded), but that song doesn’t have an official clip, and this video is pretty good. Sidebar –  I also play “Juices“, because it’s at that tempo I ride a lot, but again, i wanna share this video, because it’s the fun….

After PDE must be when I start to see the name Hannibal more often…Maybe it was Quadron that got him more famous, but either way, it was 2011/12 when I started to see him popping up more.

In 2011, 6 months after Obsessions, he put out his first solo EP, which I listen to, but it’s a bit too mellow to include in many DJ sets.  But it has this clip…

Also, during this time, he did lot’s of other guest spots and appearances, which kept up with the real easy-dancing vibe i’m so into…For example, he played bass on this jam:

As I said before, of course, I wasn’t crazy about Quadron…(I’m still not, really), and I feel like I should mention that RH has done some stuff i really don’t like, but Quadron isn’t all bad or anything, either.  I mean, they did this dope song with The Internet, who – as I said a couple days ago – I just love right now:

In 2013, though, is when he exploded. He started his band Rhye, and they got a best new music on P4K, as well as having the singles included in both Pitchforks top 100 songs, and top videos of 2012…They also got nominated for a Polaris prize.  here’s the clip;

Now, too, things started to get cool for me as a fan, because the fame from Rhye got him involved in working with even more artists, ranging from being included in the who’s-who that was The Great Gatsby OST, being sampled on a Kendrick song, then having Kendrick featured in the new quadron album…And more.

Here’s the Kendrick video, because i still play this song all the time, even though last time I played it, I said to my friend Markus, “I wonder when I’m gonna stop playing this song that everyone has heard so many times?” (IE, 16m+ views)

Also this year, there’s been some this remix, and this remix, both of which got blog love. He produced some crazy mood music, and he produced the folowing song for Laura Welsh, which is cool because I first heard her via blood orange, who produced one of her other songs, and this (very) loosely ties Hannibal to terrible records, which makes me hope someday Robin Hannibal and Chris Taylor will do something together…

Also, here’s the new blood orange, just as something on the side, because I’ve been playing it…

In addition, in 2013,he produced this song for Yuna, which ties back to Theophilus london, because I first heard of Yuna through a remix of this song below, that featured TL…

…and Theophilus london has this song with Solange and Dev Hynes.  Imagine if Parallel Dance Ensemble did a song with Theo.  It would be killer, i’m sure.

Anyway, I think my ideas for this post are starting to get tangled, and I have to go to work, and I’m just talking about made up music that might never exist.  So I’m going to just abruptly stop, with one last song; one of my favorite songs from CANT/Chris Taylor, and is what makes me dream of a Taylor/Hannibal/Hynes album. (That’s Dev Hynes on guitar.)


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