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SLOMOGRUV / happy 100

so, I got a setlist i like to vibe out right before the party.  11-12 kinda thing…I’ve been adding tracks to it for a bit, but the main few I play a lot, like almost every week. Anyway, the other … Continue reading

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angels from heaven

a most beautiful angel came and blessed my blog, and now it gets a million hits.  This is a special dedication she sent me yesterday morning.  She said “this song will wake you up gently and send you to a … Continue reading

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here’s some the dance songs i still play with funky uk vibes… I’m playing tonight, and these are all songs that I just can’t resist, even though they’re old. They just make me bounce.

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Just went over to GB for the first time in a few weeks, and they posted this clip… I just wanted to share it too, because I will definitely trying to find this one to buy and play out…. rrrd  

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